snapshot tapestry

Shifting lightly in my chair, I cannot help but speculate about a meaning,
a meaning which my mind will do naught but circumnavigate around;
it is hypothetically my life-epiphany, found by trying to see through tangles of
physics and art, mortar and hearts.

I am attempting to disjoint the world til the point of being and living
is free from the shadows that swallowed the mystery; stole from me my great epiphany, for
what is fact, and what is that
which I simply wish to be?

I sit here, just a fragile thing, metabolising unseen energy,
which mysteriously found its way to me
from one grand expanding star;

seeing how fast my fingers can tap and straining to feel the snap of my neurons
raining, creating, illuminating, with a flash of electricity,
which just a moment later shows a letter on my screen.

I am a cocoon of flesh and fibres, with an intricate mesh of wiring,
so unique that I have never been and shall never be again,
and all these friends I share the planet with are not for my descendants to see; they are here for me,
and all are my contemporaries.

We are sharing this flicker in time together, whether pondering some grand forever, or accepting a less eternal state.
Our fate, in this moment, is to walk this soil with one another; to toil together, and experience every moment under the same swallowing sky;
every smile and every strife.

We are a snapshot tapestry of life.

Shifting lightly in my chair, head alight with mysteries, which history, philosophy, even science cannot solve,
my resolve to find an answer to questions I’m not eloquent enough to pose
is slowly
I just need to spend a second feeling overwhelmed that we are here at all.

We are such unlikely little sparks, etching marks
into minds and memories,
like trees into the soil.

The fact that we exist, and that we can laugh and kiss
and so intricately wonder,
is enough meaning for me to cease daydreaming, and simply stop and admire the tangles

of physics and art, mortar and hearts, 
that is life as we know it
right now.

A photograph I took at my Nana's 80th birthday party.

Unlikely sparks


2 thoughts on “snapshot tapestry

  1. this is wonderful – I especially love the phrase: sharing this flicker of time
    and the photo is magic!

    • Thank you so much! I spent a while searching for a photo to match up with the poem – this is one I took at an 80th birthday bonfire. Glad to know you like it – thanks for the comment 🙂

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